The LDM-Assistance company has considerable experience of interaction with tour operators in the mass tourist directions. We fully realize the purposes and tasks of a tour operator in creation of conditions of safe rest. We also understand that the timely organization of medical care to the tourist in need directly influences the image of tour operator.
   Our company has representatives in each listed country that allows us to resolve all questions connected with the organization of medical care without participation of a tour operator. We provide the necessary trainings with guides of tour operators and we provide full information on medical institutions, cooperating with our company. The guides of tour operator always have an opportunity to address directly to the representatives of the assisting company by means of specially allocated communication channels.

     The choice of our company as an assisting agent doesn't lead to increase of a tariff for tour operator, at the same time, we always guarantee high quality services for our clients.
   The LDM-Assistance company is the only among assisting ones which at the same time offers medical and legal aid to tourists abroad. We have considerable experience on collecting money from a guilty party for the benefit of the tourist. The tourist's problems arising abroad are solved then and there at the expense of the third parties (guilty persons) and don't involve consequences on presentation of any financial claims to tour operator in Russia.

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