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  • The capital of Moskow. Russian language. Population 146 804 372 people.
  • State in Eastern Europe and North Asia.


  • The Capital Is Male. Language: Russian. Population — 402 071 people
  • It is located on a group of atolls in the Arabian sea of the Indian ocean, located South of India.


  • The capital of Andorra la Vella. Population 77 281 people
  • Located in the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain, and associated with them.


  • The capital of Cairo. Language: Arabic literary language. The population is 100 235 630 people.
  • The state, located in North Africa and the Sinai Peninsula of Asia and is therefore a country of two continents.


  • The capital of Athens. Language: Greek. The population is 10 955 000 people.
  • Beach vacation in Greece is always a complex relaxation, including enjoying the sea, the sun, antiquities, food and the famous Greek wine.


  • The capital of Ankara. Language: Turkish. The population is 80 144 878 people.
  • In Turkey, it is easy to combine beaches and shopping, improving and acquaintance with local cultural traditions, excursion and active recreation.


  • The capital is Sofia. Language: Bulgarian. Population: 101,859 people.
  • The state in South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, occupies 22% of its area.


  • Population: 1 058 300 people. Area: 9,251 km²
  • The third by area and the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Geographically refers to Asia. Cyprus is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean.


  • The capital of Telyaviv. Language: Hebrew. Population: 8 654 900 people.
  • Israel can boast well-deserved year-round popularity: some go here to immerse themselves in ancient history, others - to improve health in the healing expanses of the Dead Sea.


  • The capital of Amman. Language: Arabic. Population: 9,952,293 people.
  • The vast expanses of deserts, the healing power of the extraordinary Dead Sea, a rich excursion program - all this offers an amazing country of Jordan.


  • The capital of Bancock. Language: Thai. Population: 70,498,494 people.
  • Beautiful nature, clean beaches, impressive religious buildings, cheap shopping and original local cuisine are far from a complete list of reasons why tourists from all over the world visit the Kingdom of Thailand.


  • The capital: New Delhi. Hindi. Population: 1 326 572 000 people.
  • India attracts tourists and travelers from all over the world with its beautiful landscapes, pleasant seaside holidays, chic temples and magnificent monuments of architecture.


  • The capital of Hanoi. Language: Vietnamese. Population: 94,569,072 people.
  • Vietnam is one of those countries that attracts tourists primarily with its resorts and beaches.


  • The capital of Madrid. Language: Spanish. Population: 46,449,565 people.
  • Spain can not help but love, it's impossible not to like the sound of a guitar and passionate flamenco, not to know Don Juan and Don Quixote, not to dream of the Canaries, even if already visited. There is nothing half-way, red and black are always together, feelings are always to the end.


  • The capital: Rabat. Language: Arabic. Population: 33 848 242 people.
  • Morocco is a country that opens the gates to the Arab world. And already at the entrance to them, there is a wealth of culture, the smell of spices, silhouettes of sun-scorched sacred mosques and luxurious palaces. But this is only one side of Morocco.


  • The capital of Tunisia. Language: Arabic. Population: 10,982,754 people.
  • Tunisia is an attractive state for tourists, not only from the point of view of beach holidays, but also studying the history of the country. It is here that many thousands of years ago the history of peoples was born.


  • The capital: Mexico City. Language: Spanish. Population: 130,526,945 people
  • The delightful, ancient, hot Mexico seems to have been created in order to enjoy every day of its stay. The country where in the old days lived the amazing and mysterious civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, today blooms and sings on the ruins of old ruins, paying tribute to the memory of a forever-departed culture.


  • The capital: Santo Domingo. Language: Spanish. Population: 10,800,857 people.
  • The main attractions of the Dominican Republic are beach resorts and bounty-style beaches.


  • The capital is Caracas. Language: Spanish. Population: 28.44 million people.
  • Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of South America, known for the incredible beauty of its nature. There are many resort islands scattered along the Caribbean coast, including Margarita Island and the Los rOques Archipelago.


  • The Capital Is Havana. Language: Spanish. Population: 11 061 886 people.
  • Cuba is located at the junction of North, Central and South America, on the island of Cuba, the island of Juventud, as well as on the adjacent about 1,600 small Islands and coral reefs belonging to the Greater Antilles group.


  • The capital of Abu Dhabi. Language: Arabic. The population of the UAE - 9 million people
  • The United Arab Emirates is a federal state in the Middle East, consisting of seven emirates.


  • The capital: Dodoma. Language: Swahili, English. Population: 48 261 942 people.
  • The highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro stratovolcano (5895 m), is located in Tanzania.

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