LDM Liga of Defence - Medical Assistance offers coordinating and assisting services for insured travelers. It organizes medical treatment, medical transportation and legal support to tourist whilst on their holiday abroad.
   The Company has a wide range of partners and representatives worldwide, which makes organizing emergency aid to tourists in every spot on the globe, very easy. Over the years the Company has proven to medical institutions, insurance companies and tour operators, to be a reliable and capable organization. LDM cooperates both with state- and privately-owned medical institutions.
   Our call centers are equipped with multichannel means of modern communication; which also allow contacting us by SMS, e-mail, skype, viber, whatsApp.
   Our experience and highly qualified staff are available 24 hours seven days a week in order to assist in providing the necessary medical services to the insured tourists. The qualified consulting physicians are always available to tourists and their relatives as well as the staff of insurance companies.

   The Company operates under very strict financial disciplines, possess wide experience of working in different countries especially in those with massive volume of tourists.
   We have good working relationship with representatives from foreign human rights organizations and work with them in protecting the human rights of the tourists in need of health or legal care.
   LDM is the only independent company which equally focuses on the interests of the tourist, insurer and tour operator.

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