The LDM-Medical Assistance company offers service provision concerning medical insurance of travellers since 2007 and successfully organizes medical, medical transportation services and legal support to the tourists who are going abroad.

   LDM-Medical Assistance has a wide range of partners and representatives worldwide that allows organizing emergency aid to the tourist in an every spot on the globe. For the long period of activity LDM-Assistance has positively proved itself towards foreign medical institutions, insurance companies and tour operators. The company cooperates both with state and private medical institutions, with many of them the exclusive contracts are concluded.

   Our call centers are equipped with multichannel means of communication; the complex of the modern telecommunication equipment allows making contacts with use of any means of communication – the SMS, e-mail, skype, viber, whatsApp.

   The staff of the qualified employees in the shortest possible time and in the round-the-clock mode, organizes necessary medical services for the insured tourists. The qualified consulting physicians are always available to tourists and their relatives as well as the staff of insurance companies.


   Our company differs in high financial discipline, possessing of wide experience of working with various categories of tourists in the mass directions, existence of stable working relations with representatives of the foreign human rights structures participating in questions of health care delivery and dealing with protection of the tourists' rights.


   The LDM-Medical Assistance is the only assisting company which is at the same time focused on the interests of the tourist, insurer and tour operator.

Official Name: Liga of Defence - Medical Assistance Limited
Legal address: 28 Oktovriou, 8 Mesa Chorio, 8290, Paphos, Cyprus

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